Beaconsfield High School

Morgan Library and Information Centre

Andrea Hyde, Librarian
Monday to Friday
8:45-11:25 – 11:55-4:00

“The school library provides information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today’s society, which is increasingly information and knowledge-based.

The mission of this Library is to provide free and easy access to all print and online information available through this Library to the Beaconsfield High School community of students, staff and teachers; and to encourage reading, literacy and an appreciation of lifelong learning.

The school library equips students with lifelong learning skills and develops the imagination, enabling them to live as responsible students.”

Unesco School Library Manifesto: The School Library in Teaching and Learning for All. The Hague: IFLA Headquarters, 2000. Print.


The library is a community center, where students can study, read, do homework, or quietly socialize, in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation.
The library is open before and after school, and at junior and senior lunches so that students can do research or homework, borrow books, and use the computers and printer.

Teachers bring their classes to the library to work on specific assignments, to do research using the books and the computers, for research skills workshops, and for library introduction sessions.

The library is also used for Staff meetings, Governing Board meetings, parent-teacher interviews, and for presentations to parents. It is also used for vaccinations, Honour Role photos, and during Exam Week.


Student involvement:

A dedicated and growing number of volunteers help out at the circulation desk before school, and at both lunch periods, allowing the librarian to help students with their reference and research questions. Students also are involved in creating displays throughout the year, helping with shelving and cleaning, and even creating QR codes for the library. New in 2012-2013, an after-school book club will meet once a month to discuss new and interesting reads.


Information literacy:

Library introduction is provided for all Secondary I students in September Workshops on using the Portal and developing Research Skills Instruction on using Encyclopaedia Britannica Online and Encyclopedie Universalis,


Loan policy:

Students may borrow four books for two weeks. A valid I.D. card or schedule must be shown. For overdue books, there is a late fee charge of 10¢ per book, per school day, up to a maximum of $7.00.



Reference services

13,400 books, including encyclopaedias and dictionaries,non-fiction, English and French fiction, graphic novels, manga, bandes dessinées and magazines

Worldbookonline – Online database

Marshallcavendishdigital – Online database

Instruction on using Encyclopaedia Britannica Online and Encyclopedie Universalis

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

Computers and printer

Photocopier (15¢ per page)

Seating for 100 people at a time

Guest speakers


Events in the library:

Some of the events to look for this year include Culture in the Schools guests, Author visits, a Steampunk workshop and the annual Seniors Tea.



No food or drinks.

No cell-phones, iPods, MP3s.

Respect for fellow students and staff.

Rules are laid out very clearly in the Code of Conduct, which is found in the agenda (pages 2-18) and is signed by each student and a parent at the start of the school year.

In order to use any school-board technology, the Appropriate Use of Computers & Computer Technology must be signed by the student and parents, and the student must be prepared to show it to the librarian before using a computer.


Useful Links for Students:

A Research Guide for Students

Bibliography Maker

Bibliothèque et Archives Nationale du Québec

Bob’s Place

Citation Machine

International Children’s Digital Library

LBPSB Portal

Teen Reads

And for fun:



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