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À rayons ouverts
Faze * Vie pedagogique
Motor Trend *  
Road & Track  
Rolling Stone *

* Canadian teen magazine that covers sports, fashion, news, health, gaming, fitness, education, and careers, etc. BHS holdings are sporadic from 2004; 2006; 2009. No longer in print but can be read online.
We have archives of 5 years or more of many titles, unless otherwise stated.

À rayons ouverts, chroniques de BAnQ

La revue trimestrielle À rayons ouverts, chroniques de BAnQ, publiée par Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), a pour objectif de faire connaître au personnel des milieux documentaires, aux enseignants, aux étudiants ainsi qu'au public en général les collections, les ressources, les services et les activités de l'institution.


L’actualité s’efforce de repérer pour ses lecteurs les tendances significatives. Il évite les modes passagères et le conformisme intellectuel. Il aborde sans détour les sujets importants de notre époque pour faire de ses pages un lieu de débats sur les enjeux de société. Magazine sans frontières, L’actualité explore le monde pour faire émerger les idées, les solutions, les réussites et les gens qui les incarnent. Face au déferlement incessant de l’information dans un monde hyper-médiatisé, L’actualité s’applique à faire le tri pour présenter à ses lecteurs, de manière organisée, approfondie et vulgarisée, l’essentiel à connaître et à comprendre.

L'actualité is a French-language news and general interest magazine in Quebec, Canada, published in Montreal by Les Éditions Rogers, which is owned by Rogers Communications. The magazine has over a million readers, according to Canada's Print Measurement Bureau, from its circulation which is mainly subscribers. Eighty-six percent of its readership are Québécois.

The magazine came into being when Maclean Hunter, publisher of Maclean's, acquired the mailing list of the defunct Actualité magazine in the 1970s, and merged it with its own French-language edition, Le Maclean.

Wikipedia'actualité, 2009


Bison Chronicle

Bison Chronicle is produced by the Grade 11 English classes. It is published 3 times/year.


Canada World View *

Published by the Defense Canada to inform Canadians about cultural and political issues around the world.

The BHS Library has back issues from 2006 to 2009 of both the English and French publications. Publication was terminated in 2009.


Canadian Geographic

Published by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, the magazine highlights different areas of Canada each month informing readers with knowledgeable articles and superb photography. Photo contests, kids pages, and youth quizzes including the Great Canadian Geography Challenge are available in the magazine and online.
BHS holdings are from 2007 to the present.





Chatelaine - Français

Chatelaine - English

Canadian women’s magazine about lifestyles, fashion, cooking, current issues, etc.

La bibliothèque inscrives à l’édition français seulement; the Library subscribes only to the French edition.


The Economist

Even when The Economist incorporated the Bankers' Gazette and Railway Monitor from 1845 to 1932, it also described itself as "a political, literary and general newspaper".

It still does so because, in addition to offering analysis and opinion, it tries in each issue to cover the main events—business and political—of the week.

The extreme centre is the paper's historical position." That is as true today as when Crowther said it in 1955. The Economist considers itself the enemy of privilege, pomposity and predictability. It has backed conservatives such as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. It has supported the Americans in Vietnam. But it has also endorsed Harold Wilson and Bill Clinton, and espoused a variety of liberal causes…

But few readers buy The Economist for one thing alone, and in recent years the paper has added sections devoted to Europe, Asia, Latin America, international issues, and science and technology. It has also expanded coverage of books and arts…

Articles in The Economist are not signed, but they are not all the work of the editor alone. Nowadays, the paper has about 20 staff correspondents abroad..



Canadian teen magazine that covers sports, fashion, news, health, gaming, fitness, education, and careers, etc. BHS holdings are sporadic from 2004; 2006; and we have re-subscribed in 2009.



This premier Canadian news magazine provides up-to-date current issues, politics, culture, books, opinion, etc. in a weekly publication. Articles can be searched online, no subscription is necessary.


Motor Trend

The latest in new and used vehicles; published monthly. BHS holdings are sporadic from 2006 to the present.


National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic magazine provides free maps, photos, videos and daily news stories, as well as articles and features about animals, the environment, and cultures, etc.
Other associated websites are:

• The Online National Geographic

• The Children’s Version with games and videos

•  The Canadian website which is the National Geographic Channel from Canwest Broadcasting. It describes itself as Canada's only 24-hour source of entertaining information about the exotic, natural world we live in. Exclusive programming events expose viewers to the world's leading adventurers, explorers, scientists, environmentalists, filmmakers and renowned photographers.

BHS holdings of the magazine are from 1948-1979 (bound), and 1980 (unbound) to the present.


New Internationalist

A communications co-operative with over 30 years of publishing under its belt, and more than 60,000 subscribers worldwide, the New Internationalist is renowned for its radical, campaigning stance on a range of world issues, from the cynical marketing of baby milk in the Majority World to human rights in Burma.


Road and Track

Feature articles on cars, reviews of new cars and buyers guide published monthly.


Rolling Stone

This popular magazine provides articles on music, politics and popular culture. It was founded in 1967, and has continued to give a popular version of opinion on current events which appeal to young and old alike.


Scholastic Choices

Designed for use in the Grade 7-12 classroom. Features help students develop life skills while meeting Family and Consumer Sciences, Life Skills, and Health curriculum goals.



Popular fashion magazine for young women, also covering health, beauty, careers, etc.


Sky News

The premier Canadian science magazine on astronomy. 2009 is the International Year for Astronomy. Check out the magazine for more information. The magazine has star charts, listings of events, access to local events and what to look for when purchasing a telescope.
BHS holdings are from 2008 to the present.


Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is an associated website with up to date information on the world of sports. The magazine is best viewed in print form, but current statistics can be found on the CNN site.


this Magazine

This Magazine is one of Canada’s longest-publishing alternative journals. Founded by school activists in 1966, and originally called This Magazine is About Schools, the modern-day This Magazine focuses on Canadian politics, pop culture and the arts. Subversive, edgy and smart.

Praised for integrating commentary and investigative reporting with in-depth arts coverage, This Magazine has over the past 42 years introduced the early work of Canada’s most notable writers, critics and artists, including Margaret Atwood, Dionne Brand, Tomson Highway, Naomi Klein, Evelyn Lau, Dennis Lee, Michael Ondaatje, Rick Salutin, Stan Persky, Robert Priest, Al Purdy, Drew Hayden Taylor and Clive Thompson.

Transworld Skateboarding

A necessary addition to every skateboarder’s dream! Monthly and very popular.


Transworld Snowboarding

The best way to learn more about snowboard experts, where they practice and tips on moves they make. Monthly and very popular with those who follow extreme sports.


Vie pedagogique

Présentation de la revue québécoise destinée en priorité aux enseignants et aux enseignantes de l'éducation préscolaire et de l'enseignement primaire.




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